Pension Matvej is located in the picturesque surroundings of the High Tatras with an altitude of 747 m, in a small village, but very interesting in terms of history and natural beauty. It is stretched near the forests, where during quiet sunny as well as evening walks you can perceive the beauty of the world of pure and almost untouched nature.

If you are a lover of fresh air, forest spruces, pines, or the smell of mushrooms growing after the rain, you are in the right place. Relaxation, hiking, sports and cultural events, as well as pleasant early evening sittings at sunset behind the huge peaks of the High Tatras, can be enjoyed all year round in the near or wide surroundings. The guest house offers you its space for a vacation with family, friends, acquaintances, as well as possibilities for company meetings, events or trainings and school trips.

The Matvej family is looking forward to have you in the Pension Matvej and assures you will enjoy your stay in the High Tatras.